Why Give

The University of Zambia has great foundations, but strives to build an even brighter future through improving the learning experience for students, developing high impact graduates, and undertaking more research that contributes to overall global well-being and prosperity.

With increased competition for public funds and a decrease in government funding, universities are relying more on private gifts from alumni, the community, and industry to bridge the gap that will support the University\’s ambitious goals of excellence in teaching and learning and indeed knowledge leadership for a better world.

Your decision to give is important. When you make a gift to the University of Zambia, you do not only help to sustain critical programs, research, and infrastructure development, you also help provide an education and scholarships for students who may otherwise not be able to study due to financial barriers.

The research agenda at the University of Zambia is expected to lead to advances in human health, building sustainable business and communities and creating solutions that will inform good policy making. However, this research agenda has been inhibited by the current low levels of funding.

The excellence in teaching and learning agenda at the University of Zambia enables us to develop programmes that are aligned to market requirements and the best in University scholarly practice worldwide. Today this undertaking faces serious setbacks arising from a lack of teaching space to accommodate a growing student population, limited and poorly equipped laboratories to support the exercise of intellectual minds by our young scholars, a mismatch between library facilities and the growing student population which has moved from a 1,000 students\’ library capacity to a 26,000 student population in need of library services.

Strengthen the Value of the UNZA Degree. With 4,000 students graduating from the University of Zambia continuously improve and the value of the UNZA degree protected. You gift demonstrates pride in your alma mater and is an investment in future generations. As UNZA prepares to climb the global rankings aimed at consolidating its reputation, we will attract high achieving students and world-class academic staff able to perform life-changing research that this will be of great benefit to society. We will be better able to develop qualified graduates who are becoming leaders in their fields.

Alumni strategic focus 2015 – 2017. Our strategic focus within the next three years to build a Multi-Purpose Teaching and Learning Centre in partnership with the Alumni. The Centre is estimated to cost K30,000,000 and will house two ultra modern lecture theatres with capacity for 600 and 800 students, two laboratories, and open library with capacity for 1,000 students and staff offices.

Influence others. Your gift is a vote of confidence that becomes critical when we ask individuals, industry, foundations and government for support. The private support raised are factors that other potential donors contemplate when they are considering a gift.